It is the last word on exclusivity that offers an experience distinctly superior. Celestia, the ultra-luxurious 5 floor, 30-Three & Four bedroom apartments are spacious enough to accommodate your dreams. It is built to cater to clients with discerning taste who value exclusivity above everything else. Driven by passion, Celestia is crafted that ooze an aura not different from yours.

The enchanting 3 & 4-bedroom apartments will change the way you look at life. The lavish homes are surrounded by stunning landscapes, water bodies, wide open spaces, balconies, airy and sun-lit interiors. The promoters passionately drew the best to provide an ambience shared by distinguished people like you. They are as much a matter of taste as of scale. the hi-end craftsmanship and refinement are visible in this masterpiece. At Celestia, you are treated like a celebrity!